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Latest work.

Patterns has nothing to do with sewing a dress, but the traffic pattern critical to a successful landing on an airport runway, and creating a comfortable pattern of life in spite of uncertainty.  

Bette Bach Fineman edited so many other authors' work for years, and finally realized she had to put part of her own story between book covers.  Partly for her own pride, partly so her children could understand her better and her grandchildren could know her as a person who overcame troubling circumstances.  For pilots, some tales of adventure.  For any woman who had supported her husband in his schooling or profession, some interesting ways of dealing with  the pain of loss.  For the romantic, a surprising love story..the love of flight..and the love of a flying companion.

For this gift of flight Bette thanks her flight instructors and for the support of her children who had to grow up on airports, find ways to fit into a large group of siblings, and eventually find how wonderful their siblings are.











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