Bette Bach Fineman


About Bette...

Bette Jeanne Franks was born in the shadow of Hollywood, named after Bette Davis.  From her first work as a secretary for the American Red Cross, to her 1957 marriage to her high school sweetheart, to a stint as an Air Force wife with the right stuff, her path was varied and interesting.  Life with author Richard Bach, included brushes with poverty, brushes with fame, filled with flight and working with Richard on aviation books and articles and meeting all kinds of people. After “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” was printed, life changed for everyone, and Richard headed into the rising sun.

The family, now with three girls and three boys, set out to seek whatever fortune lay ahead. Bette continued to edit for other authors, fly her airplane, and be mom and dad to the kids. Chance and fate took them across the country from Iowa to Michigan to Massachusetts and finally Vermont, where life changed again when a pilot with a yellow dog turned up at the airport where Bette worked.

Jon Fineman made the family an offer not to be refused, and strived to be the dad they missed... a job only the brave take on.

One child was lost in a car accident, but the rest are across the country making their own historical stories for themselves and their children.  Jon and Bette are now retired from flying and enjoying the Arizona weather. 


What am I doing now?

Enjoy retirement and emailing my distant children, passing on flying tips to local pilots,  the occasional art work,  the occasional writing effort, trying new recipes that serve the cause of senior health, learning to work the mysteries of mobile digital inventions, photography, travel via boat and train or American Airlines. And managing a nagging cat and a deteriorating outdoor drip system.